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Low Temperature Freezer

If you’re a business in the F&B or healthcare industry, you know how crucial it is to have a robust low-temperature freezer. A poorly functioning one can cost you not only valuable products but also your reputation if your food becomes contaminated. At Freezer Concepts, we offer both low and ultra-low temperature systems.

What temperatures are freezers kept at?

For safe storage of food, and freezer, whether it’s industrial or household, should be kept at 0°F (-18°C) or below. At these temperatures, water would freeze entirely, which is essential for products like meat. Bacterial growth needs both moisture and warmth to spread quickly, so these low temperatures prevent both of those conditions from arising.

Because household freezers don’t need to store vast quantities of produce, they don’t need to have freezing temperatures. On the other hand, commercial freezers store large amounts of food for businesses, and they can’t afford to have any potential bacterial growth or contamination. So, you’d find that industrial freezers operate at much lower temperatures, typically -40°C and lower.

Our low-temperature freezers function at -40°C, while the ultra-low temperature ones can go as low as -85°C. Commercial freezers will also have more advanced temperature and humidity control settings than the typical household versions.

Features that are important in any commercial freezer

Reliability and robustness are important qualities for any industrial freezer. You can’t risk fluctuations or break-downs in your equipment. Microbes are very quick at spreading, multiplying in the millions within a few hours, so you can’t afford to have a poorly functioning industrial freezer for your business.

This means that an excellent commercial freezer should have, for example, an emergency power source in the case of a power failure. They should also have a security system in place to prevent tampering with temperature settings after setting them accordingly.

Dimensions and orientation are also important, and most refrigerator manufacturers will offer a lot of options for these. There are, for example, horizontally and vertically oriented freezers. A good industrial freezer will also be highly efficient, minimizing energy wastage and environmental impact.

Which businesses need to invest in low temperature-freezing systems?

The most obvious answer is – any business involved in the F&B industry (especially those dealing with high-risk perishable items like meat), such as restaurants, canteens, supermarkets, meat packers or butchers. Industrial freezers, especially low-temperature ones, are frequently used in universities and the health-care industries.

Low-temperature freezing systems are essential for any professionals who have to store biological samples at low temperatures. They are perfect for storing things like blood, organs, tissue, or microbial samples that can’t afford contamination. These activities will need highly advanced temperature and environmental control settings to maintain the samples at their ideal temperatures.

Are you looking for a low or ultra- low temperature freezer that can operate at or below -40°C? At Freezer Concepts, we specialize in manufacturing these freezers and can offer you a range of products to meet your requirements. Whether you need a horizontal or vertical freezer, we have several options to choose from.

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